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Pulsar: Inspired by the Origins of the Universe

Have you ever wondered what the universe looked like at the moment of the Big Bang? How the smallest particles of matter came together to form the stars, planets, and everything else we see today? If you are fascinated by these questions, you will love Pulsar, the new collection of ceramic surfaces by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces.

Pulsar is a revolutionary product

Pulsar is a revolutionary product that combines natural raw materials and minerals randomly, creating a harmonious mix of granules and flakes that makes each slab unique and unrepeatable. The result is an innovative and uniform, compact and indestructible, safe and ecological material that maintains the initial appearance through the whole thickness, even in the event of wear or damage.

Inspired by the origins of the universe

Pulsar is inspired by the origins of the universe, the Big Bang, and particles, understood as the most substantial part of matter, no longer thought of merely in geological terms but rather as the genesis from atom to infinity, searching for an identity that connects humans and their roots. Pulsar springs from the desire to offer surfaces with intrinsic ancestral values translated into living elements using Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ most advanced technologies.

With a natural look rich in sophisticated details, Pulsar responds perfectly to the most refined and contemporary demands of designers. Its harmonious, earthy color shades create high-impact combinations in both the most classical and more elaborate and trend-setting projects. Ideal for both floor and wall coverings, with its R10B structure it can even be used in wet environments.

Available sizes

Pulsar is available in sizes 120×120, 120×60 and 60×60, 1 cm thick and, on request, also as eco-active Active Surfaces®.