Discover LAPITEC

The Ultimate Sintered Stone Solution

Lapitec® is a remarkable sintered stone material that is revolutionizing the industry with its expansive slabs, captivating visual allure, and unparalleled physical and mechanical attributes. It combines the best of both worlds: harnessing the inherent potential of technical porcelain while retaining the remarkable characteristics of natural stone. This innovative technology enables Lapitec® to maintain the malleability, workability, elegance, and the presence of authentic colors and finishes that create a unique aesthetic in any setting. Additionally, Lapitec® is available in a vast array of sizes, colors, and finishes, providing a solution for any design challenge. Whether you are going for a classic or modern look, Lapitec® is the ideal material that guarantees superior performance, durability, and versatility. Experience the Lapitec® difference today!


“Lapitec® is the largest sintered stone surface available in the market, produced in XXL-sized plates with thicknesses calibrated to 12, 20, or 30mm. The 12 and 20mm thicknesses guarantee a plate with dimensions of 3365x1500mm (5.05 m²), while the 30mm thickness guarantees a plate with dimensions of 1460x3365mm (4.91m²).”

Is Natural

“Lapitec® is produced while respecting the environment and the consumer. It is free of resins, does not contain any petroleum derivatives, is antibacterial, and a completely inert material.”