Discover the beauty and wonder of High-tech surfaces at
Galleria della Pietra

Explore the exclusive products from Iris Ceramica,
brought to you only by Galleria della Pietra.

Experience the transformation of your space into a masterpiece with Galleria della Pietra.

You will be captivated by the unparalleled beauty and durability of our high-tech surfaces.

Galleria della Pietra is a top-notch company that offers high-tech surfaces, marbles and coatings for your design needs. After establishing a strong presence in Brazil,

we are thrilled to open our new showroom in Miami,

where you will be able to personally discover the exclusive products of Iris Ceramica Group, the global leader in fine porcelain ceramics, very soon.


Elevate Your Project Charts with a Stunning Array of Colors and Cutting-edge Designs!
Your project chart will look amazing with the new lines and colors that have landed.
Large MaxFine Tiles
Available in 12 colors

H270 MaxFine

Porcelain Floor and Wall Coverings
Available in 5 colors


Kitchen CounterTops
Available in 9 colors

4D Ceramics

Floor and Wall Coverings Stone Effect
Available in 3 colors
CM2 Outdoor

CM2 Pietre Naturali High-Tech


Top-tier materials are critical to the successful realization of exceptional projects.
Embark on a captivating journey through Galleria della Pietra’s collaborations, where visionary architects and decorators merge their talents to craft extraordinary artistry.


What’s new, what’s next.
Discover the new and the upcoming in the world of high-tech surfaces.
As a global leader in high-tech surfaces, Iris Ceramica Group...
Hypertouch is a concealed capacitive technology that is applied to...
Pulsar is a revolutionary product that combines natural raw materials...
4D ceramics are made with a revolutionary full-body technology that...

Galleria della Pietra

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